The Ombudsman shall perform all or any of the following functions, namely:- Investigate into any allegation contained in a complaint or on a reference from Government, or that has come to the notice of the Ombudsman; !Enquire into any complaint in which corruption or maladministration of a public servant or a Local Self Government Institution is alleged; Passed an order on the allegation in the following manner, namely:- Where the irregularity involves a criminal offence committed by a public servant, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate authority for investigation. Where the irregularity causes loss or inconvenience to a citizen, direct the Local Self Government Institution to give him compensation and to reimburse the loss from the person responsible for the irregularity; Where the irregularity involves loss or waste or misuse of the fund of the Local Self Government Institution, realize such loss from those who are responsible for such irregularity, and Where the irregularity is due to omission or inaction cause to supply the omission and to rectify the mistake. In addition to the functions enumerated in sub-section (1), the Ombudsman may pass interim order restraining the Local Self Government Institution from doing anything detrimental to the interest of the complainant if it is satisfied that much loss or injury will be caused to the complainant due to the alleged act. The Ombudsman may by order, impose penalty in addition to compensation if it is of opinion that the irregularity involves corrupt practice for personal gain.