Each complaint filed before the Ombudsman shall be filled directly before the Secretary to the Ombudsman or by registered post.

Address for filing of Complaint


Ombudsman for Local Self Government,

Saphallyam Complex, 3rd Floor,

Palayam, University P.O.,

Thiruvananthapuram- 695034

        The complaint shall be in writing and as far as may be in Form ‘A’. Each complaint and the documents, thereto, shall be accompanied with such number of copies as there are respondents in the complaint. ( For example if the number of petitioners is two, original complaint and three copies of the same have to be submitted ( ie. Number of respondents + 2 ). Each Complaint  shall be along with a Statement of affirmation of all the matters mentioned the complaint are true and correct in one’s behalf and knowledge. If the complainant desires to produce any document the complaint shall be filed along with four self attested copies of such documents and such additional copies as there are respondents in the complaint. The conditions mentioned in sub-rule(1) shall be applicable to the complaints filed on behalf of the Government. Each complaint filed before the Ombudsman shall  be filed directly before the Secretary to the Ombudsman or by registered post. The complainant shall affix Court fees Stamp of Rupees Ten on each complaint as fees. Provided that no fees shall be paid if a complaint is submitted on behalf of the Government by a person authorised by the Government. An acknowledgement receipt in Form ‘C’ that the complaint has been received and registered shall be given.

Follow up action on complaints

        The respondent of the complaint shall be served with a notice in Form ‘D’ by the Ombudsman after  registering a  complaint and giving acknowledgement receipt to the complainant along with a copy of the complaint and copies of the relevant documents intimating that a written statement of his averments on that and documents connected with which are to be submitted within fifteen days of receipt of the notice and if it is not submitted, the complaint will be disposed of exparte. If opportunity for personal deposition before the Ombudsman is requested by complainant or the respondent or the respondent such opportunity shall be given and the complaint shall be disposed of, after examining the documents produced and the evidence adduced by them.

Complaints that should not be submitted to the Ombudsman

1. Any matter in respect of which a formal and public enquiry has been ordered by Government.

2. Any matter in respect of which a remedy is available from the Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions constituted under Section 271S.

3. Any matter in respect of which an enquiry has been ordered under the Commission of Inquiries Act, 1952 ( Central Act 60 of 1952) or any matter pending before a Court.

4. Any Complaint filed after the expiry of three years from the date on which the matter complain against have taken place. Provided that the Ombudsman may entertain such complaint if the complainant satisfies that he had sufficient reason for not filing the complaint within the specified period.