As per section 271 G of Kerala Panchayat Raj Act (13 of 1994) Government of Kerala constituted the Ombudsman with effect from 29-5-2000 (S.R.O. No.454/2000 dated 29-5-2000). Originally the State level authority was having seven members. The Chairman was the person who was holding the post of a High Court Judge and the other six members were drawn from the Judicial, Administrative Sections as well as from eminent social activists. Thereafter the Government, by Act 12 of 2001 dissolved the 7 member authority   and the single Ombudsman  system  came  into  existence  as  per notification S.R.O. No.1105/2001 dated 11-12-2001 by appointing a person who has held the post of a Judge of the High Court.  The term of the Ombudsman is for three years from the date on which he enters upon his office. The person appointed as Ombudsman shall be entitled for salary and allowances as are admissible to a Judge of the High Court of Kerala.